Who we are

Since 2012, PM Connect's carrier billing technology has enabled millions of swift, secure and streamlined mobile payments. With our support, brands are monetising audiences by offering lifestyle and sport content, tickets, videos and articles - sold via micropayments. These are added directly onto the customer's phone bill, thanks to our strong relationships with mobile network providers.

Enabling customers to make mobile payments is a powerful selling point, both for brands and mobile operators. Our bespoke billing solutions and content delivery platforms for clients add value for the consumer, using a new frictionless way to pay that creates a seamless end-user experience.

We are introducing global brands to mobile payments and opening up new audiences across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Industry-acclaimed, PM Connect also currently ranks 79th on the 2018 Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 and 21st on the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

The future of money

Carrier billing is the future of mobile payments. It allows all consumers, regardless of their current banking facilities, to carry out on-the-go purchases - making it truly universal. Mobile users who abandon transactions due to the hassle of smartphone card payments can now pay quickly and easily.

With people browsing their phones more than ever before, carrier billing is a payment method that blends in to day-to-day life. Mobile users can buy premium content in just a few clicks - unlocking opportunities for consumers and brands alike.

The future of content

In our scroll-happy society, cutting edge mobile content caters to shorter consumer attention spans. The explosion of short-form videos and shareable snippets testifies to this - the hunger for bite-sized entertainment is exactly what PM Connect seizes on and makes profitable.

Being able to make micro-payments means the consumer can buy easily digestible media. Mobile payments allow for a whole new assortment of mid-range products, plugging the gap between comprehensive subscriptions and free browsing - whilst also opening up the possibility of making larger scale purchases without the hassle of card payments.

Our people

At PM Connect, we make tech that improves your online experience - and our cookies are no exception!