PM Connect has been instrumental in creating, marketing and managing its WWE mobile content subscription site – which provides fans with the next best thing to ringside seats: highlights packages, pre and post-match material, the latest profiles and more, all for a small charge on a consumer’s existing phone bill. 

The site is being rolled out in 27 countries and continues to grow in popularity, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers. By adding innovative features and implementing a more efficient payment method, PM Connect has successfully generated new revenue streams from existing content.

The brief
  • Open up new revenue streams by converting casual fans into subscribers 
  • Capitalise on WWE’s skyrocketing social media presence by providing this growing audience with easily-accessible quality content 
  • Design and market a WWE subscription service online, as well as making it payable through mobile billing 
  • Introduce international fans to the subscription service
The product

Think sports entertainment, think WWE. With Wrestlemania in the top 5 most valuable sporting events internationally, and reaching nearly a billion homes, it seems that the whole world is gripped by the only sports entertainment leader that manages to be both fun, family-friendly and tough as nails. 

PM Connect stepped in to provide WWE’s casual fans with thousands of hours of premium content. We built a new subscription site bursting with updates from the likes of Raw and Smackdown, pre and post-match material and the latest profiles – all streamed directly to the phones of aficionados across the world.  

This means that, with 2,500 videos and counting, the WWE experience doesn’t have to stop when the match ends. Fans can add specific Superstars to their favourites list – allowing them to watch their preferred champions without having to trawl through the video library. They can also customise their phone with wallpaper and ringtones featuring WWE Superstars – bringing the entertainment into day-to-day mobile browsing. 

Our mobile payment technology allows entertainment-hungry customers to get the paying out of the way in just a few clicks – our streamlined system allows customers to go from casual browsing to the fully immersive ad-free experience in only a few moments. 

Our all-round service included not only conceptualising and building the new subscription site, but investing in marketing to attract new customers – and getting new fans off to a flying start by bringing them straight to our premium service. Our technology, developed in-house and bespoke in-line with WWE brand values, was built with expansion in mind – ensuring that WWE continues to dominate not only the ring, but the world.

The results
  • Hundreds of thousands of casual fans converted into paying subscribers 
  • Increasing fan popularity – with a view to help grow WWE’s 22 billion social and digital views since April 2018
  • Service now being rolled out in 27 countries following initial success
  • Improved consumer experience
  • World-class customer service
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