We connect carriers with global brands

We connect carriers with global brands - expanding your product portfolios and improving your offering.

Consumers are hungry for premium content and maximum choice, coupled with quick, easy and secure payment. Carriers that offer top-quality branded mobile products, available via seamless mobile payments, have the edge over competitors.

Faced with more options than ever before, customers are likely to choose a carrier through which they can access their favourite household names - from sports, lifestyle and entertainment giants, to trusted travel providers.

How it works

We create bespoke solutions for every carrier we work with - adapting our core tech to create a payment system to suit each carrier’s needs, customers, ethos, and geographic reach.

Our experienced team adapt content and technology to suit every unique territory - catering both to new markets, where our mobile portals often serve as the only way customers can access a brand, to countries where carrier billing is well established, where we help carriers stand out from the crowd.

Global Brands
Global Brands

Our current offering

We work with the world’s biggest mobile operator groups, including Orange, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Telefonica, 3, Vodacom, T-Mobile, EE, Proximus, Etisalat, Du, MEO and NOS.

Trusted security

We understand that carriers are in a unique position of trust - your customers trust you to keep their personal and financial data safe whilst providing a streamlined user experience.

That’s why we ensure that our mobile payments uphold the highest standards in security, working closely with regulators to ensure safe, reliable purchases, every time.

PM Connect boasts an award winning in-house technical team with industry leading technical capabilities, who utilise a combination of our own and third party anti-fraud technologies for all payment pages, on every product we produce.

Carriers entering into a partnership with PM Connect are guaranteed transparency at each stage of the process - from on-boarding to point of sale. Our track record shows that carriers trust us to work with them to not only preserve but bolster their reputation.

At PM Connect, we make tech that improves your online experience - and our cookies are no exception!