Unique interactive products

PM Connect specialises in building and marketing HTML 5 lifestyle apps. The heart of our business is creating forward thinking interactive products that consumers use again and again.

With so much choice in today’s mobile market, consumers expect high quality content that is constantly updated. We ensure that we deliver that through our selection of unique mobile products.

Bounce Games is our flagship HTML 5 games portal. Customers enjoy ad free unlimited access to our large library of games which is constantly being updated by our team of games testers. Users can play all games on their smartphone without the need to download anything.

Transform your body with iFitness, our HTML 5 fitness app. Users set their fitness goals and iFitness will provide them with workouts and meal suggestions to achieve it. Users can use the progress tracking feature to document their transformation and measure their changes first hand.

Throw your diet out the window with Love Food, our HTML 5 recipe portal. Customers receive a themed bundle of recipes sourced from some of the top food bloggers in the world. The shopping cart feature allows users to pick the recipes they want to make and cross the ingredients off their list to make sure they have everything they need to make our delicious recipes!