PM Connect Reveal their New and Improved iFitness App


PM Connect, a leading mobile content provider has given their iFitness app a complete redesign, with a new interface and a number of new and useful features.

iFitness is an app that helps its customers to adopt and maintain a health and fitness regime that enables them to reach their fitness goals. The redesigned site now offers a fully interactive and bespoke nutritional section, where individual customers are able to track how their recommended calorie intake should be split between protein, fat and carbohydrates. Each recipe on the meal planner has detailed nutritional information and can be added to the customer’s meal planner, enabling iFitness to keep users informed on their progression towards their personal targets. To help customers stay organised, ingredients for any of the recipes can be added to their shopping basket at any time.

Announcing the redesign, Managing Director of PM Connect, James Macfarlane said:

"The main objective of the iFitness redesign was to enhance its capabilities as a nutritional analysis tool. The app now makes it really easy for customers to plan appropriate meals, and to record the food they eat. It does this whilst simultaneously monitoring their consumption of the key macronutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. We’re really pleased with the new design, it’s easier to navigate whilst offering a more comprehensive means for helping customers achieve their goals."