Customer service

Customer service is at the centre of PM Connect’s ethos. We believe every customer should be treated fairly and in a timely manner, which is why we have spent years building up a bespoke collection of customer service systems and processes that integrate into all of our content products. These systems have been built to reduce customer service costs while maintaining high customer satisfaction rates by streamlining any interactions customers have.

CS Eye is our bespoke customer service tool which is designed to allow company customer service agents to deal with customer queries instantly. Whether it is a simple question about a service, a stop request or a refund - CS Eye is there to help a customer service agent deal with it.

CS IVR: Using a unique IVR build we have created a personalised customer service automated IVR system to answer consumer’s most common questions. Using our unique IVR system you can cut your live agent calls by up to 50% for each service you run without sacrificing any customer satisfaction.

With all our products we like to go above and beyond and our live 24/7 live agent support is no different. Customers are dealt with around the clock, whether it's 1 o’clock in the morning or a bank holiday. If a customer wants to speak to us about a content product we believe they should be able to no matter the time or day.