The WWE Mobile Content Club goes from Strength to Strength


PM Connect, a major global digital content publisher, has been making further changes over recent weeks to the popular WWE Mobile Content Club product in the UK. The members only mobile website provides a WWE short form video clip streaming service and downloadable WWE mobile wallpaper and personalisation content from a continuously expanding library.

PM Connect has recently added an auto play feature for WWE short form video clips, bringing streamed highlights to casual fans instantly. By keeping pace with the continually evolving features of the WWE universe, the product is kept up to date with new and updated characters and styles, most recently having created a special section for WWE’s Women Superstars, for example.

James Macfarlane, Managing Director of PM Connect said, “WWE has a huge loyal global following, so through our continual evolution of our offering we can meet the fans’ demands for a product that provides them with instant access to the highest quality content of their choosing.”